Product Spotlight: Flowmeters

Nov. 24, 2020
A closer look at some of the newest products in the marketplace.


AW-Lake recently introduced a new series of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters that fasten on the outside of vertical or horizontal pipes ranging in size from ½-inch through 48 inches. Housed in a water- and dust-tight NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, the Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters are compatible with a range of metal and plastic pipe materials and “difficult liquids” such as chemicals, viscous liquids and abrasives that would damage standard flow meters.  As a result, the non-intrusive, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters feature enhanced flow measurement with no pressure drop in a range of applications such as food or chemical processing plants, oil refineries and more.

AW-Lake Company


GF Piping Systems has introduced the full-bore, Signet 2580 FlowtraMag magnetic flow meter designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs. High accuracy is achieved for these problematic runs with a new sensor design that has shorter inlet and outlet pipe lengths, and certified factory calibration. All thermoplastic construction provides superior corrosion resistance for long, maintenance-free service life. Available in pipe sizes of 1”, 2”, and 4” PVC Schedule 80, the FlowtraMag is two to three times lighter in weight compared to traditional metal magmeters on the market. The unit offers accuracy of ±1% of reading and repeatability of ±0.5%

GF Piping Systems


Emerson’s Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flow meter is specifically designed to meet stringent safety standards in environments and applications that require safety instrumented systems. The flow meter is the first in the industry with quadruple sensors and transmitters to meet safety integrity level requirements. Comprised of multiple independent sensors in an all-welded meter body, the meter provides a compact flow solution with built-in redundancies for added safety without introducing intentional leak points. The meter reduces piping needs threefold by eliminating the additional flanges and pipe runs required for the installation of multiple flow meters in a redundant flow measurement solution. With the ability to meet measurement challenges in industries such as chemical, refining and offshore oil and gas applications, particularly where space is limited and safety is crucial, the Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flow meter can take the place of multiple individual flow meters.



The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises offers an ideal solution for flow monitoring applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness such as are found in the pharmaceutical and ultra-pure water markets. The single clean bore measurement tube construction of the Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter makes it ideal for almost any application where cleanliness is important. Made from high-performance Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA) polymer, the Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter offers wide chemical resistance and the ability to precisely monitor process flow temperatures up to 60ºC (140ºF) and pressures up to 28 bar (406 psi). Using patented ultrasonic technology, with a single unbroken measurement tube, the Metraflow is a non-invasive device with excellent accuracy (calibrated to +/- 1.0% reading) and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min.

Titan Enterprises

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