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San Francisco may ban sales of bottled water on public property if the city Board of Supervisors approves radical new legislation proposed by Supervisor David Chiu, ABC reported.

Chiu believes that residents of San Francisco are "addicted" to plastic bottled water and claims that there should be restrictions to help the city get rid of the plastic bottles. He has proposed that the city provide accessible water sources both indoors and outdoors across San Francisco to help residents cut down on the use of plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment. He also wants to see a ban on sales of plastic bottled water at public sites where such sources are available.

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Some of Chiu's proposed changes could come into effect as early as next year, while others would be scheduled for introduction in 2016. Departments would no longer be able to buy bottles of 21 ounces or less, while sales of bottled water at hotdog stands on public places and sites where more than 100 people can be present would be banned.

According to the ABC, reactions to the proposals have been mixed. On the one hand, many claim that bottled water is convenient and widely accessible, so it should not be restricted. On the other hand, there are concerns that plastic bottles account for a significant proportion of the city waste and not all of them can be recycled.