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Energy and chemicals company Sasol has expanded the production capacity of its alumina spheres plant in Brunsbüttel, Germany.

The Johannesburg-based firm said
that it wants to strengthen its position in the alumina market to meet growing market demand for alumina-based shaped carrier materials for industrial catalytic and non-catalytic applications.

At Brunsb¸ttel, Sasol's Performance Chemicals Inorganics & Catalyst division produces high purity and ultra-high purity alumina that is used in a range of applications. With this expansion its production capacity will increase to 4,000 tonnes per annum.

The physical and chemical properties of the shaped carriers produced by Sasol are sought-after in fast-growing markets, such as the refinery catalyst market, the company said.

"Demand for our shaped carrier materials has been growing significantly thanks to Sasol Performance Chemicals' ability to deliver innovative and tailored solutions in close collaboration with its customers," commented Dr. Klaus Diblitz, vice president of the Inorganics & Catalyst business. "This move to debottleneck capacity shows we are determined to keep pace with this growing demand worldwide and with our customers' specific product requirements."

Sasol's Performance Chemicals division produces a wide range of shaped carrier materials for catalytic and non-catalytic applications, covering products ranging from extrudates and tablets to zeolite-doped and customized metal-doped spheres.