U.S. demand for water treatment equipment is set to grow by an average annual rate of 6 percent through 2017, with all segments of the market predicted to expand, according to a new report published by RnRMarketResearch.

The most important factors that will contribute to the growth of the water treatment equipment market will be increased concerns about water quality and higher awareness of the impact of biological contaminants and chemicals on public health and the environment. Another driver for the industry will be the implementation of stricter manufacturing requirements for process water, the report reveals.

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A stronger than average growth rate is expected for several segments of the market, including resource extraction, commercial and residential water treatment equipment, as well as ballast water treatment equipment. Major developed segments such as municipal and manufacturing water treatment are set to grow at a near average rate.

According to the report, as mining output is expected to increase through 2017, so is demand for water treatment equipment. An increased need for conventional filtration systems — the most commonly used water treatment equipment in the resource extraction market — will have a major impact on the market. In the longer run, the expected U.S. EPA regulations on fracking will also play a role in the growth of the market, the report noted.