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What You Need To Know About Peracetic Acid (PAA) For Water Treatment

Sept. 27, 2022
There is growing interest in peracetic acid (PAA) as an alternative to chlorine. PAA has a unique chemistry that is highly effective against bacteria and other contaminants. It won't form any known DBPs and has far less environmental impact.

What is Peracetic Acid? PAA is an organic chemical made from combining acetic acid with hydrogen peroxide using a catalyst. It has a vinegar-like odor and is typically sold in a solution of acetic acid, peroxide, and water. In this article we explore some successful uses of, and delivery methods for PAA. For example, PAA has been finding increased usage in industrial wastewater treatment. Manufacturers that produce organic waste, such as food processors and breweries, are increasingly applying PAA as a pretreatment before further treating and discharging effluent.

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