One worker was killed and another suffered a severe head injury Monday morning in an accident at an oil and gas drilling site in Carroll County, Ohio, The Review reported.

According to local authorities, the workers — 28-year-old Abdal L. Audeh and 20-year-old Alex R. Cox — were attaching long-handled tongs used to manipulate pipe on the drilling rig when they lost control of the apparatus. Audeh was struck in the back by the tongs and knocked unconscious. He was transported to a hospital in Canton, where he was later pronounced dead. Cox, who fell backward off the platform and hit the back of his head, was treated at a local medical center and released late Monday.

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Cox told investigators that he and Audeh forgot to hook up a safety line that is used to secure drilling equipment to the rig, which would have prevented the accident.

The rig is operated by R.E. Gas Development, a subsidiary of Rex Energy Corp. In a statement released on Tuesday, company officials said, "Rex Energy remains in communication with the authorities, has preserved the location and will fully cooperate in the investigation of this tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time."

Sherriff Dale Williams said statements were gathered from witnesses and an investigation is ongoing.