Thermo Scientific Orion AQ4500Thermo Scientific’s Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter offers advanced features not available on any other benchtop or portable turbidimeter. The AQ4500 operates on the nephelometric and ratiometric principles of turbidity measurement and allows turbidity measurement based on EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027 as well as an infrared ratio (IR ratio) mode that gives results in accordance with EPA GLI method 2. The AQ4500 also allows the user to make measurements based on percent transmittance (%T), American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) units or European Brewing Chemists (EBC) units. The AQUAfast AQ4500 turbidimeter is the only advanced, completely waterproof turbidimeter with a rating of IP67, according to the manufacturer. The AQ4500 can log 100 data points that can later be downloaded to a printer or computer.