Product focus: New products

May 13, 2021
A closer look at some of the newest products in the marketplace from companies such as ROSS Mixers, Fluke and Munson Machinery.


A new Bag Dump Module from Munson Machinery can be installed on the lid of bulk solid mixers, blenders, size-reduction equipment and storage vessels to contain dust generated when bulk materials are dumped manually. The self-contained module includes a dust hood with hinged door, a blower that draws airborne dust onto the outer surface of two PTFE one-micron pleated cartridge filters, and air nozzles that periodically dislodge accumulated dust, returning it to the vessel below. A removable, safety-interlocked access panel as standard allows inspection or replacement of the filters, while an optional safety-interlocked grate can be removed for access to the receiving vessel’s interior. The pre-drilled flanges on the rear and sides of the hood allow rapid fastening to mixers, blenders, size reduction equipment, storage vessels, and other equipment having horizontal covers with square openings from 24 to 30 inches. The module is also available mounted on a floor hopper to charge conveyors, or gravity discharge from mezzanines into process equipment or storage vessels. Construction is of stainless steel finished to industrial, pharmaceutical or food-grade standards, ranging from clean mill finishes to 2B, #4 and #7 mirror pharmaceutical finishes.

Munson Machinery


ROSS Triple Shaft Mixers are easily adapted to suit a variety of challenging viscous applications requiring hygienic and sanitary handling. Powder wet-out and dispersion, temperature control, emulsification, homogenization and degassing are accomplished all in one vessel to produce creams, gels and pastes in a highly repeatable and clean mixing process. Featuring electropolished and passivated product contact surfaces, the pictured VersaMix is designed for full vacuum operation as well as internal pressure up to 5 psig to accommodate nitrogen blanketing. This ROSS model has an ASME-stamped mixing vessel supplied with a matching platen-style discharge system. CE-marked motors and ATEX-rated operator panels are suitable for use in a Zone 1 classified area. These features are available across the entire suite of VersaMix sizes ranging from 1 to 500 gallons. Larger models in a fixed-tank configuration are available as well.

ROSS Mixers


Laser Tech’s new TruSense S300 non-contact liquid-level laser sensor offers reliable measurements, whether the application involves clear or opaque liquids, calm or turbulent surface conditions. With an easy-to-use GUI configuration software, aging and unreliable sensors can be easily replaced. The S300-Series comes in two distinct configurations. For end-user applications, it is available in a rugged polycarbonate IP65-rated case. For outdoor use, a protective housing is also available. For OEMs and systems integrators, the OEM version is recommended. The S300-Series has outputs for RS-232, SDI-12 and 4-20 mA. The sensor features long range accuracy, flexible mounting options, ease of use and installation, and low maintenance requirements.

Laser Tech


Spiroflow’s Cone Table Elite (CTE) bulk bag filler, which features a patented coned densification table for industry-leading bag stability, can be customized to integrate foil or plastic bag liners, which, following a nitrogen purge and heat-sealing process, can significantly extend stored product life. The innovative solution is particularly attractive to producers of nuts, seeds, coffee beans and dried fruits who could benefit from extended product storage. The customized bulk bag filler unit comes with a built-in oxygen sensor, hygienic lance for filling the bag with nitrogen and evacuating oxygen, heat sealer and vacuum. Spiroflow can also help to source the appropriate bag liners and nitrogen generators for the nitrogen purging process. All CTE bulk bag fillers come standard with a pneumatic neck seal that is compatible with lined bags. 



The second generation of the Schenck Process PT45 Diverter Valve introduces new features such as adjustable alignment stops located in the housing, position indication from the tunnel itself, additional actuation options and external tunnel position indication. A positive food-grade rubber silicone seal at each port is designed to help prevent contamination. Additional features include 45° port-to-port rotation, a 2-way switching capability for either dilute phase or dense phase conveying applications, cast-iron or aluminum housing, tunnel and end plates with a 316 stainless steel actuator and arm assembly, and inlet and outlet ports flanged to mate 150# ANSI flange patterns.  The housing and tunnel on the aluminum valve are hard anodized for wear resistance. To complete the unit, a pneumatic actuator providing a 2- to 4-second actuation time between ports, a 4-way double solenoid air control valve with a NEMA 4 enclosure, and a NEMA 4/4X position proof switch with two DPDT switch elements are included. High-temperature designs, electric actuators and cast 316 stainless steel housing, tunnel and end plates are also available options with the new version of the PT45 Diverter Valve.  

Schenck Process


Fluke recently announced the launch of two new rugged, reliable and accurate thermal imagers, the TiS55+ and TiS75+, which are ideal solutions for carrying out preventative maintenance. Designed for one-handed use, the infrared inspection tools easily capture professional, high quality images of hot spots on machines and factory equipment, ensuring potential problems are caught before they lead to failures. Both the TiS55+ and TiS75+ provide a sharp, clear view of potential issues, and can be used by customers with no infrared imaging experience. Able to store around 500 images, the TiS55+ and TiS75+ come with built-in personal assistants that organize captured images and offer increased functionality by enabling users to add their own information. Key features include:

  • Voice annotation – Users can record instant notes with up to 60 seconds of voice recording for each thermal image.
  • IR-Photo Notes – Users can add visible light photos to the thermal image file and use those as a reference when analysing results.
  • Asset Tagging – Users can scan a QR code on an asset to automatically organise and file thermal images. This eliminates data-entry errors by saving measurements directly from the camera and associating them with the asset record.

Offering extreme durability, the TiS55+ and TiS75+ thermal imagers are water and dust resistant (IP54) and have been engineered to withstand a two-meter drop. Both devices are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, offering up to three and a half hours of continuous use. Users can also set their own color alarms, setting a maximum or minimum temperature threshold to highlight a particular hot spot or area of interest.



Donaldson Company, Inc. recently introduced the Ultrapac Smart Dryer, a solution that removes condensate and dries compressed air streams in manufacturing facilities using three stages of separation: filtering, drying and purifying. Highly purified compressed air is critical for food and beverage process applications, like beer, bottled water, milk, wine and yogurt. The Ultrapac Smart Dryer design accommodates unique location and spatial conditions, enabling configurations that fit among large equipment, conveyor lines and other machines. With three versions — Superplus, Plus and Standard — and a modular design, the dryer can be installed vertically, horizontally or on a wall. As a compact, stand-alone, plug-and-work solution, all of the Ultrapac Smart dryer’s components, including the filter elements and the desiccant cartridge, are easy to access and replace. For improved efficiency, the dryer uses a depth filter and Donaldson’s UltraPleat filtration technology to optimally separate liquid particles, improve the adsorption capacity of water vapor, decrease pressure loss and save compressed air energy. Additionally, the desiccant cartridge uses a spring-loaded design to help improve adsorption efficiency in the dryer, and the benefits are realized even when the dryer is installed horizontally. Once installed, the dryer’s touchscreen display enables plant management teams to interact with the dryer and proactively monitor performance levels, including pressure dew point levels, adsorption status and other real-time data.

Donaldson Company, Inc.

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