With so many moving pieces in every construction project, efficiency and productivity are essential to a construction project’s success. In a recent webinar with Processing, Adam Carlson and Lane Berger of Jacobs Engineering Group and Dale Adcox of Bentley Systems discussed how Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) helps ensure this success. The free webinar is still available for registration and viewing at the link below.

View the free webinar here.

The presenters reviewed phases two through four of a five-phase project, as well as the structure of the AWP team. AWP can help reduce the number of dedicated workface planning managers involved in a given project, saving money and increasing efficiency.

The five phases of AWP include:

  1. Planning
  2. Conceptual design
  3. Feed
  4. Detail design
  5. Construction

The three speakers went over “what took place in each one of those phases and why it’s very important to have the conversations early on [in] the project,” said Adcox. When planning is done early and the right people have the right conversations, project planning goes more smoothly, and the construction of the project itself is completed more efficiently.

The technology can replace Excel spreadsheets with planners that combine work packages with estimated and earned hours, dates, contact names and more. To fully realize its potential, AWP should be used with multiple projects instead of just one.

“When we talk about it from a technology standpoint, really what we end up finding is bits and pieces in all of the worlds of information need to come together to have a successful implementation,” added Adcox.