Cleaning the intricate parts of machines involved in the process industries poses challenges. However, not keeping equipment clean isn’t an option. In the food and beverage and pharmaceutical processing industries, unclean equipment quickly results in plant warnings, fines and shutdowns.

While there are many successful methods for cleaning facility equipment, ultrasonic cleaning, which uses vibrating molecules within a nontoxic solution, offers key benefits highlighted in the below infographic.

Created with Venngage

Created with Venngage

Information in this infographic comes from Frank Pedflous’ ” Ultrasonic cleaning optimizes plant maintenance in at least four ways.”

In the article, Pedflous explains that ultrasonic achieves greater depth of cleaning than other methods. This is because the ultrasound waves generated reach deep into corners and crevices, removing soiling that would otherwise be left behind. This more in-depth cleaning also results in reduced maintenance costs because parts require fewer cleanings when they are more thoroughly cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning also requires less manual work than other methods, Pedflous points out, as it requires only placing parts in a bath for a specified dwell time rather than using “elbow grease.” Simultaneously, ultrasonic increases system reliability and extends equipment life.

Pedflous says:

Ultrasonic cleaning sterilizes, to remove bacteria, mold and any other contaminant. For equipment that requires routine maintenance, ultrasonic cleaning meets many standards.

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