A facility’s transformer is essential to plant operations, so ensuring one’s choice is up to par is of utmost importance. An oil and gas facility’s growth and continued operations hinges upon transformers’ performance, reliability and efficiency.

There are a number of questions that must be considered before a facility replaces or adds a new transformer. The below infographic shows the most essential of these questions, which will help facilitate wise choices in transformers capable of optimizing operations and making them more efficient.


About the above infographic on transformer selection:

Information in this infographic was taken from Balram Ramamurthy’s article “8 factors to consider before selecting a transformer” from March 2016. In that article, Ramamurthy says:

As with any large purchase, cost often determines the decision without considering the long-term economics, particularly when engineering, procurement and construction managers and electrical contractors oversee the selection. Purchasing transformers is such an important business decision that it should involve a number of decision makers who consider all the questions discussed in this article.

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