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Sonic designs and fabricates inline homogenizing & blending systems. All systems are customized and provide continuous process solutions that reduce tank usage and labor involvement. Multiple-Feed Emulsification and Blending saves time & money!

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Inline Blending, Homogenizers, Colloid Mills, Mixers


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Sonic provides process solutions for homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing and blending a wide range of fluids in the chemical, food & beverage and personal care industries. Multiple-feed homogenizing systems operate at high pressure to create emulsions and dispersions with fine particle sizes at 1 micron and below. Inline Blending Systems move customers away from costly, bulky batch mix tanks to a streamline process where raw materials are metered at ratio from bulk on a continuous basis. Colloid Mills are used for grease and lube oil applications as well as food sauces such as mayo, dressings and more.

Sonic has in-house capabilities for 3D system design that allows a high degree of customer input. All skids are custom engineered taking customer feedback into the design. We also design & build our own electrical VFD and PLC/HMI cabinets and provide all necessary programming so each skid functions as a stand-alone system or integrates with a factory-wide control scheme.

Sonic really designs equipment that provides an ROI by eliminating or reducing tank space per gallon of material produced. Each multi-feed system meters water or other bulk material inline without use of a tank. We also achieve great savings through reduction in heating and cooling. With lotions and other oil-based emulsions, hot premix solutions can be metered alongside cooler water-based premixes to substantially reduce cooling time.

Overall, our inline blending and homogenizing systems allow factories to make more product faster! Call us at 203-375-0063 to learn more. Or visit our website at

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