Food manufacturers responding to trend for raw foods

With raw food diets becoming mainstream, a growing number of “raw”-labeled food and drink products are launching in Europe. The term refers to uncooked, unprocessed or minimally processed food and drink

Market research firm Mintel has analyzed the European market and found that Germany is in the lead, having introduced one in 10 (10.4 percent) raw food and drink products (excluding meat) in the region in 2015. This is more than double compared with 2014, when only 4.5 percent of the total “raw”-labeled products were introduced in Germany.

France is the the second biggest player in the European market, accounting for 8 percent of product launches last year, followed by the U.K. (7 percent) and Finland (5 percent).

Snacks are the leading category for new products labeled as raw, representing 32 percent of raw launches in Germany between 2014 and 2015, followed by dairy (18 percent), chocolate confectionery (12 percent) and bakery (8 percent).

San Francisco noodle manufacturer told to stop production

A San Francisco rice noodle manufacturer has been ordered to cease production after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accused the company of processing products under insanitary conditions.

In a 2015 inspection, FDA inspectors documented employees using a vat containing soaking rice to rinse their bare hands, rags and buckets after using the rags and buckets to clean the production area with detergent. After swabbing various surfaces in the firm’s production area, inspectors found the presence of bacterial contamination including L. mono and L. seeligeri at the facility, the complaint said.

In the settlement, the defendants stated that they have ceased receiving, preparing, processing, packing, holding or distributing any type of food at or from any location. Under the permanent injunction, the defendants must improve the firm’s manufacturing practices and receive written approval from the FDA before resuming production.

Snack food manufacturing market report released

A new market report from Syndicate Market Research shows that snack food manufacturing is growing. However, it notes that the increase of obesity and health awareness are anticipated to restrain it in the future.

In emerging economies, higher disposable income and preferences for westernized food are driving growth in the market. The report also shows that overall people prefer snack food while driving or working to save time. The most popular varieties of snack food studied in report include Asian/Latin American food, pizza, pasta, chicken, burgers, sandwiches and seafood. Europe and North America was the leading region of snack food manufacturing market in 2014.

The report segments the market based on product type and geography and provides comprehensive analysis and profiles of prominent market players, such as Kellogg Company, Nestle USA Inc., ConAgra Foods Inc., Frito-Lay and Cadbury Schweppes.