VOORHEES, N.J. — Lessons learned by New Jersey American Water during Hurricane Irene last year helped the company to prepare, respond to and quickly recover when Hurricane Sandy hit the state last month, company President David K. Baker told a Senate hearing in Trenton on Dec. 5.

Preparation for a storm like Sandy began more than a year ago, as all major facilities refined and practiced their emergency operations plans.

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 At major water treatment facilities, new generators were installed permanently, several that were attached to natural gas lines.

Contracts were established with vendors for fuel, additional generators, and other necessary materials that would be needed in a major storm. As it became obvious that Sandy was going to hit New Jersey, additional generators, fuel and chemicals were obtained.

"The result of all this work, both long-term planning and more immediate preparatory activity was clearly evident in the resiliency of the company's water system during the storm," said Baker. "We took the lessons from Irene to heart."