Fluke Baseline thermography software ensures assets never miss their scheduled inspections

Feb. 16, 2023
New Baseline Team version of the web-based software automates route planning and reporting to speed preventive maintenance testing.

(EVERETT, Wash. — Feb. 8, 2023 — Fluke Corporation Release) — Setting up and managing thermal imaging (TI) maintenance programs, with thousands of images covering myriad assets, can be a struggle for managers as well as technicians Baseline Team — the new standard in thermography workflows — helps TI teams automate their work, route execution and reporting to optimize asset maintenance.

“Harvesting the dividends of predictive maintenance with thermography requires more than just the cameras,” said Fluke Software Product Director Colin Walker. “It requires connecting your teams and cameras with a software system that organizes and automates TI workflows and reporting to produce that over-the-horizon perspective that the best maintenance managers need today.”

The first cloud-based, TI solution, Baseline allows users easy access from any smart device without installing a desktop app. The software supports both technicians and their supervisor’s workflows to improve scheduling, planning and tracking allowing service organizations to realize significant efficiency gains.

Baseline features powerful image management and analysis functionality as well as report automation tools that can reduce reporting time by up to 75 percent. Yet as robust as the software is, it is easy to train new, entry level technicians and have them proficient in a short period of time.

With Baseline, supervisors have a one stop shop for producing industry grade thermography reports:

  • To begin, using white-glove service from Fluke, asset details — including maintenance and service records — are entered into Baseline where they are stored and ready to reference when work events are built.
  • Next, a Work Event is created based on where the work will take place and for whom. The supervisor adds the relevant assets to be inspected. Once the Work Event is published, the supervisor assigns it to a specific technician who will perform the work.
  • Onsite, the technician simply pulls up the Work Event on their Baseline mobile portal via their phone or tablet where the pre-planned route is waiting for them. The technician then follows the instructions and records their observations and results as they work directly on their mobile device.
  • After the work is performed, the technician uploads the images, and the uploaded images are automatically synced to the correct assets in the report. This saves technicians hours-to-days of sorting and matching. The technician or manager can review and analyze images and indicate a result of the inspection such as pass, fail, watch or skip, and fill in any recommendation. Once they are satisfied, a PDF report can be generated to share and distribute.

By allowing supervisors to create Work Events with clear instructions, job details and a planned route, the Baseline platform simplifies communication between supervisors and technicians, ensuring all necessary tasks are completed.

Baseline Thermography Software brings together everything teams need to set up and run their thermal imaging program to optimize their predictive maintenance routines.

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