Ecolab launches digital compliance solution for life sciences manufacturers

June 8, 2023
CLEEN by Ecolab platform drives efficient end-to-end compliance for operations, quality assurance and quality control.

(ST. PAUL, Minn. — June 6, 2023 — Ecolab release) — Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services, announced CLEEN by Ecolab, an end-to-end digital compliance solution empowering life sciences manufacturers to drive quality, compliance and performance across their entire manufacturing operations — from cleaning validation and process design to protecting data integrity and driving operational excellence.

The CLEEN solution combines Ecolab expertise and a digital compliance platform purpose-built for life sciences manufacturing, eliminating paper-based dependency and offering the benefits of digital solutions throughout the manufacturing delivery chain.

“Life sciences manufacturers feel growing pressure to drive production performance—while consistently meeting the highest standards of quality and safety to protect consumers and safeguard their brand,” said Surachet Tanwongsval, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Life Sciences at Ecolab. “The CLEEN solution gives them the competitive advantage of digitally charged compliance validation across their operations.”

With the CLEEN platform, manufacturers can:

  • Move from manual checks and paper-based logs to digitized documentation and real-time monitoring.
  • Dramatically simplify audit-readiness and access all their compliance records on-demand.
  • Put analytics tools to work on all that digitized information to uncover where they can make improvements to protect quality and improve performance.

The CLEEN platform includes two modules built specifically for the needs and demands of life sciences manufacturers. The CLEEN Digital Logbook goes well beyond the standard logbook tool, enabling manufacturers to rapidly convert any SOP or compliance process into a highly digitized workflow. Self-enforcing interlocks and built-in on-demand training materials drive SOP adherence by design; a comprehensive digital audit trail enables real-time reporting; and embedded analytics benchmark performance to identify opportunities to reduce downtime, improve equipment availability and increase the efficient utilization of resources.

The CLEEN Validation module streamlines and standardizes compliance validation with intelligent automation. Manufacturers can complete compliant validation up to three times faster while ensuring data integrity at each stage. With the click of a button, CLEEN Validation drafts new protocols for the user, runs precise calculations on carryover limits and worst-case product rankings, auto-generates audit reports for export and delivers recommendations for optimizing existing cleaning procedures.

“Life sciences manufacturers know they need to increase digitization across their operations, but they’ve got plants to run and production quotas to hit—they can’t risk a long or disruptive digital deployment,” said Tanwongsval. “Ecolab can help life sciences manufacturers go digital—without the disruption. CLEEN is the easy path to going digital—and a fast-track to big results.”

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