LLumin, eschbach partner to provide team communications integrated with enterprise asset management and plant maintenance

Feb. 6, 2024
Combining LLumin CMMS+ with eschbach’s Shiftconnector takes safety, plant performance, and sustainability to a new level.

(Boston MA – Feb. 6, 2024 – LLumin release) – LLumin, the enterprise asset management and predictive maintenance CMMS+ software provider, and eschbach, the global software provider of the Shiftconnector® manufacturing enterprise platform, announce their partnership to deliver the first rules-based, action-triggering, bi-directional communicating CMMS solution that seamlessly integrates with Shiftconnector, one of the most comprehensive plant process management solutions for process manufacturers on the market today.

“We are delighted to partner with eschbach to bring customers a complete solution for enhanced and transparent collaboration among shift teams that manage plant assets (plant equipment, machines, and instrumentation).  We see the value in maintaining a cohesive workflow throughout multiple shifts, especially when it comes to performing preventive maintenance to reduce downtime in addition to improving production,” said Ed Garibian, LLumin CEO.

Both companies share the same vision for creating a more effective workforce environment in factories.

“With LLumin’s capabilities to do a deep dive on asset management and predictive maintenance combined with Shiftconnector’s ability to ensure that the right asset and maintenance information is communicated in real-time, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food/beverage companies will improve workforce collaboration and productivity, increase asset uptime and lifecycles, OEE levels, and greatly improve overall plant efficiency,” said eschbach founder and CEO Andreas Eschbach.

Additionally, AI and natural language processing capabilities (as part of this turn-key plant process management solution) bring a new level of intelligence that can easily be adaptable depending on the specific manufacturer’s needs. It can quickly optimize plant operations and help teams avoid disruptions by automatically identifying and deploying appropriate fixes.