SMARTSENS: Real Innovation in Sensor Technology

June 25, 2014

Introduced in 2013 SMARTSENS is a real innovation in sensor technology for analytical sensors.

Introduced in 2013 SMARTSENS is a real innovation in sensor technology for analytical sensors.

Currently are only PH and ORP sensors plus wide range of accessories available. Later this year conductivity sensors will be added.
Why is SMARTSENS so unique?

1) Direct communication via open standard: Unless other digital sensors SMARTSENS can be directly connected to a PLC using 4…20 mA norm signal plus digital communication (HART) in parallel over the same wires.

Customer benefits:
• Cost savings since no additional transmitter/ interface is needed (half the price of conventional measuring loops)
• Easy to install since two wire technology (4..20 mA) is widely established in industry, no additional power supply for transmitter needed, no space needed for transmitter
• Safer: more reliable signal transmission due to less interfaces

2) Form factor: Unless other sensors with integrated transmitter. The SMARTSENS transmitter technology is extremely miniaturized, so that it fits into a standard plug head. Same form factor than existing analog sensors.

Customer benefits:
• Fits into 90% of existing holders/process ports. No special adaption needed
• Easy replacement to existing analog sensors

3) Safety: Due to elimination of additional interfaces, the signal transmission is very reliable and less information is lost. The whole sensor is intrinsically safe, hence can be used in hazardous areas (Zone 0). SMARTSENS already gained ATEX and IEC EX approvals. FM is pending for August 2014.

Customer benefits:
• Reliable signal transmission and less information is lost
• Safe to use in hazardous areas

4) Use of open standard protocols: 4…20 mA plus HART is most common communication protocol for analytical sensors. Therefore no special equipment needed to commission and calibrate the sensor.

Customer benefits:
• Cost savings: Does not need to buy additional equipment
• Familiar installation and operation (no special training required)
• Wide range of tools available: Handheld (HART Field communicator, HART modems, Free PC programs)

5) Versatility: Wide range of high performance electrodes are available, wide range of accessories

Customer benefits:
• Fits in almost every application with excellent performance
• Customer can chose how to operate:
o HART handheld
o Via PC and USB port
o Via HART and asset management system
o With local operating unit (SMARTMAC) for half the price than a classical transmitter

Customer feedback:

Many installations worldwide with wide range of industries from water/waste water to chemical.

Customer statements:
– Cost savings (half the price for installation and longer lifetime due to offline calibration)

– Performance (high performance glasses tailored to the customer application, plus reliable signal transmission and more accurate calibration due to offline calibration under controlled conditions in lab

– Off line calibration (calibration does not need to be performed in hot environment in production area, better calibration results, longer lifetime)

– Easy to install (fits into existing holders, uses existing two wire cables)

– Space saving (no need for a place to install transmitter)