Honeywell Process Solutions recently announced availability of the Experion Orion Console, an advanced display technology it says brings the plant control room of the future to life and meets the needs of mobile plant operators. It was unveiled at the 2014 Honeywell Users Group Symposium in San Antonio, Texas.

The console, which builds on Honeywell’s flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform, is said to have improved ergonomics and better displays, simplifying control system management while reducing operator fatigue and improving situational awareness.

“The state of plant control today is like putting operators on a sleepless, 12-hour flight in economy-class seating and then asking them to make a critical decision that impacts their company’s production and employee safety,” said Jason Urso, chief technology officer, Honeywell Process Solutions.

Console’s features include ultra-high definition displays, which can be customized to reflect context-specific process issues. Also incorporated are advanced alarm management and pan and zoom capabilities. Limits and targets are directly integrated into overview displays, allowing operation of the process closer to the optimum and allowing operators an increased scope of responsibility across the industrial facility.

“Operators need more than just process data,” says Urso. “They need an environment that helps keep them alert, allows them to move about more freely, and presents information more intuitively.

Touch-panel displays are the primary operating interface. The console has a mobile tablet that allows personnel to move about the control room freely. When paired with wireless-enabled mobile technologies, the system also allows operators to view the same displays on hand-held devices in other areas of the plant.