Camfil Farr has introduced a time-saving, universal filter frame for built-up bank HVAC systems. The FastFrame air filter holding frame uses exclusive new Camfil Farr compression tab technology. This innovation allows rapid filter change-out without the hassle of clips and fasteners, or the very common problem of finger cuts caused by the sharp edges on conventional framing systems. FastFrame is constructed of 16-gauge all-welded galvanized steel for long-term corrosion protection. Its unique design allows for convenient, simple filter replacement while preserving the integrity of the filter seal. FastFrame supports HVAC grade air filtration for commercial and industrial buildings, educational facilities, food processing facilities and other applications requiring high quality indoor air. Most importantly, FastFrame is compatible with all 5-Star air filters. Filters that have earned 5-Star designation have been shown to reduce HVAC-related energy use and waste disposal and meet other environmental criteria.