McCrometer Wafer-Cone flowmeterProcess and plant engineers in search of a high-accuracy, virtually no-maintenance gas or liquid flowmeter for small line sizes will want to learn more about the new cost-saving direct mount configuration for McCrometer’s Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter. The Wafer Cone’s new direct mount configuration minimizes installation labor while ensuring accuracy. Direct mounting the transmitter eliminates impulse lines, which not only lowers installation costs but also reduces potential leak points by more than 50%. Simple plug-and-play mounting ensures the meter is installed correctly the first time and eliminates a potential source of flow measurement errors. There’s virtually no need to come back and check whether or not the meter was installed properly. The advanced Wafer-Cone Flow Meter is ideal for gas or liquid service in line sizes from 1 to 6 inches. The meter’s flangeless design makes installation fast and easy, while the interchangeable cone offers flexibility to accommodate changing flow conditions without the need for recalibration. When flow conditions change over time, the cone can be removed and replaced with a cone at a different beta ratio eliminating the need to buy a new meter.