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We bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.


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Many steel companies have similar challenges tied to safety, productivity and environmental stewardship. They have the capacity to produce dozens of tonnes of crude steel annually, host operations in multiple countries, and employ tens of thousands of people—all of which can prove an challenge to safely producing hot and cold rolled coils, sheets, galvanized sheets, tubes, wire rods, construction rebars, and bearings.
Maintenance & Safety

Steel industry using gas detection cameras to detect harmful carbon monoxide gas

Jan. 17, 2023
The solution can be used to quickly scan for gas across wide areas and from a safe distance, without interrupting a plant’s production process.
Teledyne FLIR
Figure 1: HD acoustic imaging devices can produce precise images from sounds that visually display ultrasonic information.
Maintenance & Safety

Compressed air leak detection for oil and gas organizations

Nov. 18, 2021
Detecting and fixing compressed air leaks can help oil and gas businesses upstream, midstream and downstream improve efficiency and reduce costs.