Industry Brief: Blue-White's Rob Gledhill discusses the CD3 multi-diaphragm metering pump

May 18, 2020
Company president and CEO talks with Processing about Blue-White's latest product offering in this Industry Brief video.

In this Industry Brief, Blue-White Industries president and CEO Rob Gledhill speaks with Processing editor-in-chief Jesse Osborne about the company's new CD3 multi-diaphragm metering pump.

According to a recent news release from Blue-White announcing the CD3:

The CD3 multi-diaphragm metering pump is designed as a solution for pumping gas forming chemicals, such as peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite. The CD3 Dual Diaphragm Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming and will not vapor lock. The patented ultra-durable diaphragm design will last the life of the pump. This makes the CD3 highly reliable and zero maintenance. The energy-efficient brushless DC variable speed motor helps achieve a large turndown ratio for extreme accuracy.  With a flow range of .05 to 53 GPH (0.2 to 200 LPH), leak detection, simple installation and setup, and fittings for multiple configuration, the CD3 is just what is needed to precisely inject chemicals into a system.