spiroflow_bulk-bag-dischargersThe Loss-In-Weight Bulk Bag Discharger meters bulk ingredients and/or minor additives for complete control of product dispensed from the bag. The Type 3 Bulk Bag Discharger accurately dispenses bulk ingredients and/or minor additives from 20 lb to 3,500 lb batches by using electronic load cells directly below the top bag holding frame, ensuring that the bag and load cells are safely off the floor out of the way of facility hazards such as forklifts. As an option, an integral transfer conveyor such as a Flexible Screw Conveyor can be suspended from the holding frame for a totally self-contained discharge and loss-in-weight dispensing system. Dust and contamination free in operation, the bulk bag is loaded into the frame by hoist or forklift and its bottom spout is sealed within the dust cabinet of the discharge chute. Product flows from the chute into the integral Flexible Screw Conveyor. A patented spout closure device lets the operator untie the bag through an access door without releasing product from the bag. Once the access door is closed, the spout closure device can be opened to allow product flow. In reverse, this process allows for safe and dust-free removal of partially emptied bags. The weighting controls are designed to cater for the dispensing of total weighments requiring the contents of more than one bag and/or fractions of bags.