An ammonia leak at a frozen food processing plant in Fort Erie, Ontario, on Monday left one man dead, while two others suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Rich Products, which operates the manufacturing facility, has suspended all production at the plant until a complete investigation is conducted by the Ministry of Labour. The company said that it is working with the fire department and the Ministry of Labour on the investigation.

The ammonia system was shut down following the leak in the engine room.

Soon after the leak occurred, police instructed local residents in Fort Erie to stay indoors, close their windows and doors and turn off their air-conditioning units.

"Ammonia is very potent. You inhale it and you could succumb to it very quickly, within a matter of minutes," David Mander of Niagara Regional Police told 7 Eyewitness News. He added that the leak had since been contained and there was no risk to the public.

About 85 employees of Rich Products and 10 contract workers were on site when the leak occurred, the Buffalo News reported. They were evacuated to the company's adjacent administration building, according to company spokesman Dwight Gram.

The contract worker who lost his life in the accident was working near a pressurized tank that contained ammonia. The tank ruptured and he died from the fumes, reported.