ALPHA Chemical metering systemsA series of standard chemical metering systems deliver accurate, non-pulsating and repeatable flow capability that results in tighter control and chemical consumption reduction. The systems are simple plug-and-play installations, as straightforward as connecting three pipes and plugging into a power source.

The systems come in five standard skid configurations: simplex (one pump, wall or floor mounted), duplex (two pumps, wall or floor mounted) and triplex (three pumps, floor mounted) to safely deliver thin to highly viscous liquids and withstand corrosive and solid laden chemicals.  

Included are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified progressive cavity metering pumps, which offer several advantages for chemical metering over other pump types due to the principle of the pumping elements. A metal rotor rotates inside a rubber stator, forming two cavities at the suction end of the stator. As one cavity closes, the other opens forming progressing cavities from one end of the stator to the other. The result is continuous flow streams with low pulsation, which means accurate metering results and a better ratio of blending chemicals.

Another major benefit is that the sealing line between the rotor and stator acts like a valve, therefore no flow control valve is needed.

The maker says it has just received the first two orders for systems to be placed in municipalities on the west coast metering sodium hypochlorite for water treatment.