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A pump used in the food processing industry.
Bearings & Seals

Addressing sealing challenges in rotating equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries

July 31, 2023
Material certifications, seal geometry and even seal color must also be factored in to allow for maximized seal life, minimized risk and reduced total cost of ownership for both...
A bearing test rig at ABB’s Greenville, South Carolina Advanced Development Lab. All images courtesy of ABB
Bearings & Seals

Sensors for mounted bearings

June 3, 2019
Wireless condition monitoring solution helps operators quickly assess bearing performance and health.
Figure 1. Air seal. All images courtesy of SEPCO
Powder & Bulk Solids

How air seals work

March 6, 2019
Air seals effectively seal powders and solids and require no maintenance or flushing.
Hallite seals. Courtesy of Hallite
Bearings & Seals

Custom-machined pharmaceutical seals and plastics save time and money

Feb. 11, 2019
Materials expertise and smart engineering can help manufacturers optimize equipment performance.
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Bearings & Seals

Sealing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

Oct. 17, 2018
Consideration should always be given to compliant materials, hygienic designs and cleaning regimes.
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Bearings & Seals

Maximize process reliability with gasket, sealing and bearing protection

Sept. 3, 2018
The support parts play a crucial role in a pumping system’s return on investment.