Whether equipment operates in a biopharmaceutical facility or an oil and gas refinery, it almost certainly has a motor or drive attached to it. In this month’s “ Motors & Drives ” special section, we feature one of many 30th anniversary special reports that we plan to bring to you in 2017 to celebrate Processing turning 30. It examines the innovations that have occurred during the last 30 years and what we can expect in the next 30. Experts from Nidec Motor Company, Siemens and TECOWestinghouse Motor Company provide insight into these essential equipment categories.

Process Flow Network Marketing Manager Nick Phillips and Editor Lori Ditoro tried the Microsoft HoloLens™ system displayed by Apprentice Field Suite during INTERPHEX last year, at which the team learned about equipment in pharmaceutical facilities.

We are also pleased to include in this special section a technical article from the Electrical Apparatus Service Association Inc., on how to minimize vertical pump motor vibration (see HERE). Other features focus on the factors to consider when adding variable frequency drives to existing motors (see HERE) and comparisons of NEMA and IEC motors and standards (see HERE).

Most processing facilities need the capacity to grind, mix, blend or reduce the size of process ingredients. Our cover story details how to properly create emulsions (see HERE) and the related product spotlight highlights equipment that helps ensure accurate end products.

Other content focuses on process automation, which includes software that provides advancements in connectivity, coding and ease of use (see HERE) and the digitalization in the chemical industry (see HERE). Another feature covers artificial intelligence for manufacturing execution and operations management (see HERE).