The importance of maintaining an accessible website

April 1, 2016

Spend your time exploring new energy, not trying to translate a foreign language.

In the world of manufacturing, energy exploration and the use of industrial pumps, valves and systems, few things matter more than an intelligible website.

That is, without this singular asset, which acts an online destination for companies and consumers alike, it is difficult, if not impossible, to know what lubrication pump is necessary for a particular project, or what monitor is indispensable for a drilling assignment.

This point may be self-evident, but too many sites contain jargon, possess little or no background about specific products, and display an overall lack of information.

Clarity is essential

Think about the implications of this phenomenon: If a potential client, a business that seeks to extract valuable domestic oil or natural gas, does not know what accessories it needs and cannot decipher what these items do, then that energy may stay where it is, buried beneath the earth, abandoned (like the jobs for this endeavor) for something simpler and more accessible.

Do not expect, in other words, members of a highly technical profession to always understand highly technical material.

A good website is still the best way to make a good impression.

As a rule, the equipment a vendor showcases should have a concise summary about what this grease pump does or that lubrication system offers.

If a supplier’s description of one or all such items reads like a foreign language, a vendor should translate that content into something everyone can appreciate.

Customer service

The same rule applies to customer service, insofar as a vendor chooses to include this feature on the website. If you emphasize the quality of your assistance – and you encourage visitors to call your office – then you must be as insightful, respectful and helpful as the information you publish on your website.

Again, the theme is about the impression you make based on the intelligence you provide.

Let me, therefore, reiterate my earlier point about the economic consequences of not placing a premium on clarity.

Companies may postpone or cancel projects – sources of regional employment and enhanced energy independence – if they do not know what equipment they should buy, how they should use and maintain it, and why they should purchase these pumps, valves or systems right now.

Recognize, too, that an attractive website is not a sign of anything more than, well, an attractive website.

Content is king

Content is the resource that makes a website a must-see – and a must-read – repository of the latest industry updates, product upgrades and related training for the proper use and repair of industrial equipment.

That content should be powerful in its transparency, thorough in its details and easily decipherable in its use of everyday language.

Translation: Speak to the customer and talk to the company with the skill of a news reporter.

Emphasize the facts, and the most important things will speak for themselves.

That is a philosophy to uphold, a business principle to defend and a pledge to protect.

It is the reason why a website can be influential, even inspiring, provided a vendor invests the time to make this concept a reality.

This investment is of incalculable worth, evidence enough of a website’s value and necessity.

For the good of many companies, industries and employers, let us make this issue a priority.

Brian Robson is the president of FD Johnson, a leading supplier of pumps, valves and lubrication systems for a variety of companies and industries. With more than 80 years of history, FD Johnson has a commitment to keeping each client’s machinery running. You can contact FD Johnson here.

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