Product Focus: Checkweighing & inspection system

Jan. 31, 2022
WIPOTEC-OCS recently introduced a solution combining its checkweighing technology with premium visual inspection.
Courtesy of WIPOTEC-OCS
Checkweigher Vision Inspection Hc A V Front View

WIPOTEC-OCS recently introduced a quality control solution combining its sophisticated checkweighing technology with premium visual inspection. Providing two critical functions in one compact frame, the company’s HC-A-V Checkweigher is applicable for a broad array of consumer packaged goods, including food and beverage items. The new quality assurance system adds high-resolution camera inspection to WIPOTEC’s exceptionally exacting HC-A Checkweigher. Like all WIPOTEC checkweighers, the HC-A features a customer-specified high-tech Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weigh cell, a differentiating engineering design that guarantees precise weighing results. The HC-A-V builds upon this precision checkweighing with a company-developed vision control system that checks items from both above and below. The result is a bevy of additional benefits, including cover film verification, sell-by date confirmation and 1D/2D barcode examination. The HC-A-V Checkweigher can handle up to 200 items per minute, and is as versatile as it is exacting: WIPOTEC can customize the machine’s various configurations — including weigh cell type, conveyor types/lengths/widths, product eject mechanism and product handling — to meet unique customer and product requirements.