Product Spotlight: Pumps

April 7, 2021
A closer look at some of the newest pumps in the marketplace.

Sealless pump

Wanner Engineering’s new Hydra-Cell Q330 Series pumps feature a sealless design to avoid the maintenance problems of mechanical or dynamic seals and packing. They are designed for a variety of high-capacity applications including saltwater disposal (SWD), saltwater injection, bulk transfer and hydraulic lift in oil fields, as well as steam generation, reverse osmosis in water and wastewater treatment, mine dewatering, boiler feed and high-pressure cleaning. Models are available to meet API 674 performance standards. The new Q330 Medium Pressure models offer flow rates up to 153 gpm (579 l/min, 5247 BPD) and a maximum pressure rating of 3500 psi (241 bar). New high-pressure models offer flow rates up to 118 gpm (446 l/min, 4047 BPD) and a maximum pressure rating of 4500 psi (310 bar). Hydra-Cell Q330 Series pumps can run dry without damage, will operate with a closed or blocked suction line, and can pump hot abrasive fluids.

Wanner Engineering 

Diaphragm pump

Quattroflow, part of PSG, a Dover company, has extended its line of HT drives with the addition of the new QF2500HT Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pump. With a compact design, high turndown ratio and a maximum flow rate of 2,500 lph (660 gph), the new QF2500HT pump is ideally suited to meet the needs within demanding biopharma applications, including chromatography, TFF, virus filtration, sterile filtration and depth filtration. The Quattroflow QF2500HT incorporates all the same industry-leading features and benefits as the QF2500 model with space-saving “all-in-one” technology that integrates the pump chamber, pump drive, motor and control box into one unit. The design of the QF2500HT includes easy plug-and-play installation and startup as well as a keypad for manual control and display of the motor speed. QF2500HT pumps excel in biopharma applications due to industry-leading designs, including pump chambers that provide improved drainability to maximize product recovery.


Inline pump

Grundfos released its new CR 185 vertical multistage inline pump, which delivers up to 1,275 gpm and 1,230 feet of head. It is ideal for high-flow water supply, water transfer and water treatment applications where energy efficiency is paramount. An improved impeller design reduces energy loss, and the optimized flow path reduces pressure loss. On pumps up to 30 hp, the CR range features an integrated VFD, the Grundfos MLE motor. For pumps larger than 30 hp, a panel-mounted CUE VFD is available to offer further energy optimization, efficiency and control. Low vibration reduces noise and ensures a longer lifespan. Additionally, balanced radial loads prevent shaft deflection. A new thrust handling device allows the use of standard motors on pumps with 100 hp motors and above. And, the cartridge shaft seal allows maintenance to be performed quickly on-site without the removal of the motor.


Sinusoidal pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s (WMFTG) MasoSine Certa 800 is designed to offer enhanced food product quality through gentle handling. In cheese production trials, it was observed that low shear product transfer reduced the number of fines within the curds and whey of the cheese by more than 20%, while retaining the fat. Certa 800 not only improves product integrity to reduce manufacturing costs but also offers more sustainable food transfer. Reduction in shear cuts power consumption by up to 50% with high-viscosity fluids. And, with an EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certified hygienic design, CIP cycles and the amount of water/cleaning agents consumed are also reduced. The sinusoidal rotor gently handles soft solids without blockages and without damaging the ingredients. Rated at a maximum pressure of 15 bar, the Certa 800 delivers pump speed up to 400 rpm, flow per revolution of 10.64 liters and maximum flow of 255 m3/h.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

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