School’s out for summer and many of you are hitting the road for family vacations with the kids or looking forward to some scheduled downtime – a good thing for you, but not so much for the industrial environments you work in daily. While you’re away, you need to rest assured that your equipment will continue to function properly and uninterrupted.

A key to preventing unplanned downtime is preventing motor failure. Processing‘s June cover series on motors and drives tells you how to spot those early warning signs of motor failure, and better yet, how to prevent them by implementing a vibration testing program (see vibration meter pictured above). In addition, you’ll learn seven important steps for installing an integrated drive system and proper storage tips to maximize the life span of your equipment.

We get back to basics in our first of two special sections in our June issue. Take a refresher on control valve types in our valves and actuators special section and then learn some key steps for selection and specification to optimize your continuous process operations.

Our second special section focuses on the popular buzzword – Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This series looks at three different areas of IIoT: pump system optimization; cellular network management solutions; and the impact of IIoT on traditional SCADA architectures.

To round out the June issue, don’t miss the case studies about how Chemours applied a new technology approach to get a more accurate inventory count for powders, or how the Willamette Valley Company replaced a ribbon blender that agitates material with a rotary batch mixer that tumbles it to achieve its goal of pure blending in high volumes.

And are you having trouble with fan noise? See why and how to resolve it in this feature article on understanding fan acoustics.

We all know the slow days of summer aren’t really slow at all. You may travel for business or to industry events like our staff will. This June, we attended the Electrical Apparatus Service Association’s Convention (EASA) in Tampa, Florida, and SKF USA’s Press Day in Philadelphia, where topics such as IIoT, bearings, gearbox systems and other services and equipment for rotating equipment were discussed. We look forward to sharing what we learned at these events in upcoming articles.