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More certainty in corrosion prevention

July 18, 2018
A new rapid test delivers quick results about the protective passive layers on material surfaces.
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Pipe, Hose & Tube

Hose challenges in the mining industry

July 11, 2018
Hose selection comparisons between surface and underground mining
The new valve supports allow valves to move in two directions as the pipe expands and contracts, all in a controlled manner and while properly supported. All graphics courtesy of GF Piping Systems.
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Extend industrial piping service life

July 9, 2018
An improved pipe and valve support system reduces the risk of premature failure due to thermal expansion, installation or seismic events.
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How ASME 33.1 impacts welded pipe work in select process industries

Oct. 1, 2014
Recent years have witnessed exponentially increasing demand for improvements in piping-fabrication quality.
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Control the corrosion that accompanies a coke

Sept. 1, 2014
Corrosion eats through steel pipe, causing leaks and eventually necessitating pipe replacement.