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Maintenance & Safety

Acoustic imaging key in leak detection and downtime reduction

April 9, 2024
Acoustic imaging can go a long way in quickly and cost efficiently identifying and repairing leaks, saving companies in downtime while making needed repairs
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News & Notes

Fluke Reliability launches next-generation smart field balancing tool

Nov. 14, 2023
Fluke Reliability has launched the VibXpert 3 Balancer, a next-generation smart field balancing tool that can diagnose and correct rotational unbalance in the field or on the ...
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CMMS software

Mitigating ammonia risks in food and beverage processing: Best practices and the role of CMMS

Sept. 8, 2023
How a capable computerized maintenance management system can help proactively manage and mitigate the risks associated with ammonia leaks.
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Using analysis software, teams can take the data that sensors have collected and generate not just insights and recommendations, but work orders. The ability to manage multiple processes from one place makes running a complex operation simpler and ensures everyone has the same set of facts.
CMMS software

Food safety and quality management with maintenance software and sensors

Aug. 4, 2023
When paired with machine-mounted sensors, today’s software solutions can mitigate recall risk, streamline the compliance process and maximize asset uptime.
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Using a CMMS streamlines and bolsters asset management so you can extend the useful life of your assets and focus your time where it is needed most.
CMMS software

How CMMS connects workflows for preventive maintenance and asset management

April 14, 2023
From pre-installation planning and engineering to decommissioning, CMMS software helps organizations track and manage their assets.
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Condition monitoring sensors mounted to assets can give a real-time view of what is happening in a facility.
Maintenance & Safety

Ultrasound growing in popularity as a predictive maintenance technology

Feb. 16, 2023
Ultrasonic and acoustic imaging are highly effective failure detection techniques and can serve as a core part of a condition monitoring program.
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News & Notes

Fluke Baseline thermography software ensures assets never miss their scheduled inspections

Feb. 16, 2023
New Baseline Team version of the web-based software automates route planning and reporting to speed preventive maintenance testing.
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Pumps, Motors & Drives

Four simple steps to prevent costly motor failure

Dec. 16, 2022
Running preventive maintenance routines and arming maintenance engineers and technicians with the right tools and knowledge can help avoid motor failures and reduce overall downtime...
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Infrared cameras and thermal imaging sensors, paired with software, can take reliability programs further by helping teams harness asset data to trend it and gain actionable insights.
Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Thermography’s growing place as a predictive maintenance technology

Dec. 5, 2022
Thermography and thermal imaging tools can help maintenance teams quickly and safely identify and diagnose issues with equipment.
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Cybersecurity & Safety

Minimizing cybersecurity risks with preventive maintenance

Nov. 3, 2022
Hardened software systems are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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A worker using a Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager.
News & Notes

Fluke launches e-book to help companies improve energy efficiency and productivity

Sept. 16, 2022
The material features testimonials from users of digitized leak detection tools as well as in-depth technical articles, case studies and product data.
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Some sensors do not have batteries at all — they harvest energy from the vibration, heat or light of a machine to power themselves. Without batteries, these sensors are more light and compact than others.
Condition Monitoring

Getting started with vibration sensors for asset condition monitoring

Sept. 6, 2022
With vibration sensors as part of a condition monitoring program, you will gain the insights you need to identify potential faults and determine which assets need attention — ...
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Vibration sensors are mounted on machines to monitor their vibration patterns. Vibration monitoring is commonly used on rotating machines such as motors, pumps, fans, compressors and blowers.
Condition Monitoring

An introduction to condition monitoring

July 12, 2022
Condition monitoring assesses the real-time health of machines and the likelihood of failures then uses that data to drive maintenance decisions.
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The top trends for 2022 to improve operational efficiencies

Jan. 5, 2022
The new year brings fresh opportunities to embrace new processes and technologies to meet the challenges in today’s industrial environments.
Wireless sensors, mounted on machinery, can monitor machines for specific attributes and use cloud-based software to send instant alarms to maintenance teams when a machine’s condition changes or falls outside of tailored thresholds.
Maintenance & Safety

How advances in wireless sensor technology are revolutionizing plant maintenance

July 19, 2021
It is now possible to use wireless sensors to monitor both a large number of assets and a wide range of asset types.
A Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor attached to a motor housing where data will be collected.
Pumps, Motors & Drives

Motor maintenance technology: An overview

June 21, 2021
With the right tools and knowledge, vibration, insulation and overheating in motors and drives can be discovered and repaired before irrecoverable damage occurs.
Figure 1: Condition monitoring systems can vary from wired, fixed-mount to wireless, depending on the application and need.
Condition Monitoring

Why condition monitoring is your gateway to Industry 4.0

May 20, 2021
A good foundation in condition monitoring is the best way for process manufacturing operations to achieve the efficiency goals promised by Industry 4.0.