Cybersecurity & Safety

Cybersecurity & Safety

Strong growth predicted for industrial control system security market

Dec. 30, 2014
With a rise in sophisticated cyber-attacks and threats on control networks, the market for industrial control systems (ICS) security to protect plants from vulnerabilities is ...
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Cybersecurity & Safety

Energy companies underestimate cyber security risks

July 14, 2014
Global oil companies and infrastructure operators are not sufficiently prepared to deal with cyber security threats, according to a recent analysis.
Cybersecurity & Safety

Wireless technology exposes manufacturers to security risks

Feb. 4, 2014
The rising use of wireless devices is exposing production sites to security breaches and cyber-attacks, compelling companies to seek ways to protect their networks.
Cybersecurity & Safety

North American energy industry faces cyber attacks

Jan. 9, 2013
As Canada’s oil and gas industry is struggling with market and infrastructure issues, there is another threat to the industry that has been causing concern over the past...