May 2023

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Seneca’s twelve flowlines connect individual wells from the wellhead and bulk test units.
Maintenance & Safety

Case study: Advanced technology imperative in the production of natural gas

May 24, 2023
Remote alarm notification software helps fuel increased efficiencies.
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Bagging & Packaging

Choosing a bulk bag unloader

May 18, 2023
Follow this comprehensive guide to maximize the efficiency and safety of your bulk bag unloading process.
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Dust Control

Benefits of effective dust containment

May 17, 2023
Containing dust is critical when handling powders and bulk solid materials.
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Modern CLPM software, like Control Station PlantESP, goes far beyond basic individual loop tuning. PlantESP provides a range of easily accessible forensics, so users with any type of background can follow a productive workflow for identifying and correcting complex and non-intuitive process loop tuning issues.
Condition Monitoring

Accessible loop tuning forensics

May 12, 2023
To go beyond simply tuning individual control loops, modern control loop performance monitoring software provides proven workflows and easy to use forensics, empowering operational...
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A 3D laser scanner uses pulsed laser beams to scan an area or object, then computer software uses the scan data to generate a detailed 3D representation of the scanned area or object.

Advantages of 3D laser scanning in process system design

May 10, 2023
Understanding how and where to use this technology can help processors maximize its value.

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Powder & Bulk Processing

Market growing for automation on powder and bulk solids lines

May 8, 2023
Recent PMMI reports reveal trends in powder and bulk processing.
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Figure 1: Even general-purpose VFDs, like the Automation Direct DURApulse GS20 family, include advanced features like sensorless vector control and torque control modes. More capable models, like the WEG CFW500, include these capabilities, and add other features, like encoder support and flux vector control mode which allows 100% torque at zero speed.
Variable Frequency Drives

Torque control: The other VFD operating mode

May 1, 2023
Torque control is necessary for many types of winding/unwinding applications to maintain proper product tension. General-purpose sensorless vector VFDs can now perform this function...
Courtesy of Emerson
Figure 1: This equipment uses a range of Emerson PACSystems hardware, Movicon software and other devices, like AVENTICS smart pneumatic automation, to provide robust real-time control and rich analytics, delivered through a comprehensive development environment.
Process Control & Automation

Enabling functionality and innovation with automation architectures

March 31, 2023
Industrial automation developers are finding that basic functionality and innovative extensibility can exist together seamlessly, but only if they choose the right hardware/software...